Correct EMR clusters idle for more than 30 mins


EMR clusters which are live but not currently running tasks should be reviewed and checked whether the cluster has been idle for more than 30 minutes

This pipeline allows you to specify a collection of EMR clusters idle for more than 30 mins and then either sends notifications or attempts to perform a predefined corrective action upon the collection.

While this pipeline can be used independently, it is typically invoked from either:


itemslist of objectYes-
notifierstringYesThe name of the notifier to use for sending notification messages.default
notification_levelstringYesThe verbosity level of notification messages to send. Valid options are 'verbose', 'info', 'error'.info
approverslist of stringYesList of notifiers to be used for obtaining action/approval decisions.
default_actionstringYesThe default action to use for the detected item, used if no input is provided.notify
enabled_actionslist of stringYesThe list of enabled actions to provide to approvers for selection.


This pipeline has no outputs.