Correct Route53 records with lower TTL


Route53 records with a lower TTL result in more DNS queries being received and answered than those with a higher TTL, which in turn results in more costs - common approaches for a TTL are between 3600s (one hour) and 86,400s (one day).

This pipeline allows you to specify a collection of records with a lower TTL and then either send notifications or attempt to perform a predefined corrective action upon the collection.

Whilst it is possible to utilise this pipeline standalone, it is usually called from either:


default_actionstringYesThe default action to use for the detected item, used if no input is provided.notify
enabled_actionslist of stringYesThe list of enabled actions to provide to approvers for selection.
itemslist of objectYes-
notifierstringYesThe name of the notifier to use for sending notification messages.default
notification_levelstringYesThe verbosity level of notification messages to send. Valid options are 'verbose', 'info', 'error'.info
approverslist of stringYesList of notifiers to be used for obtaining action/approval decisions.


This pipeline has no outputs.