Create Issue

Create a new issue.

Run the pipeline

To run this pipeline from your terminal:

flowpipe pipeline run gitlab.pipeline.create_issue \
--arg 'project_id=<string>' \
--arg 'title=<string>'

Use this pipeline

To call this pipeline from your pipeline, use a step:

step "pipeline" "step_name" {
pipeline = gitlab.pipeline.create_issue
args = {
project_id = <string>
title = <string>


credstringYesName for credentials to use. If not provided, the default credentials will be used.default
project_idstringYesThe ID of the project.-
labelslist of stringNoComma-separated label names for an issue.-
created_atstringNoWhen the issue was created. Date time string, ISO 8601 formatted, for example 2016-03-11T03:45:40Z. Requires administrator or project/group owner rights.-
discussion_to_resolvestringNoThe ID of a discussion to resolve. This fills out the issue with a default description and marks the discussion as resolved. Use in combination with merge_request_to_resolve_discussions_of.-
epic_idnumberNoID of the epic to add the issue to. Valid values are greater than or equal to 0.-
issue_typestringNoThe type of issue. One of issue, incident, or test_case. Default is issue.-
milestone_idnumberNoThe global ID of a milestone to assign an issue. To find the milestone_id associated with a milestone, view an issue with the milestone assigned and use the API to retrieve the issue's details.-
titlestringYesThe title of an issue.-
weightnumberNoThe weight of the issue. Valid values are greater than or equal to 0.-
assignee_idnumberNoThe ID of the user to assign the issue to. Only appears on GitLab Free.-
confidentialboolNoSet an issue to be confidential. Default is false.-
descriptionstringNoThe description of an issue. Limited to 1,048,576 characters.-
due_datestringNoThe due date. Date time string in the format YYYY-MM-DD, for example 2016-03-11.-
assignee_idslist of numberNoThe IDs of the users to assign the issue to.-
iidnumberNoThe internal ID of the project's issue (requires administrator or project owner rights).-
merge_request_to_resolve_discussions_ofnumberNoThe IID of a merge request in which to resolve all issues. This fills out the issue with a default description and marks all discussions as resolved. When passing a description or title, these values take precedence over the default values.-


issueIssue details.