Create Ticket

Create a ticket.

Run the pipeline

To run this pipeline from your terminal:

flowpipe pipeline run zendesk.pipeline.create_ticket \
--arg 'comment=<object>'

Use this pipeline

To call this pipeline from your pipeline, use a step:

step "pipeline" "step_name" {
pipeline = zendesk.pipeline.create_ticket
args = {
comment = <object>


commentobjectYes-An object that defines the properties of the ticket comment.
custom_fieldslist of objectNo-Custom fields for the ticket. See Setting custom field values.
email_cc_idslist of numberNo-The IDs of agents or end users currently CC'ed on the ticket. See CCs and followers resources in the Support Help Center.
allow_channelbackboolNo-Is false if channelback is disabled, true otherwise. Only applicable for channels framework ticket.
group_idnumberNo-The group this ticket is assigned to.
problem_idnumberNo-For tickets of type 'incident', the ID of the problem the incident is linked to.
updated_stampstringNo-Write only. Datetime of last update received from API. See the safe_update property.
urlstringNo-The API URL of this ticket.
assignee_idnumberNo-The agent currently assigned to the ticket.
followerslist of objectNo-Write only. An array of objects that represent agent followers to add or delete from the ticket. See Setting followers.
macro_idslist of numberNo-POST requests only. List of macro IDs to be recorded in the ticket audit.
credstringYesdefaultName for credentials to use. If not provided, the default credentials will be used.
assignee_emailstringNo-Write only. The email address of the agent to assign the ticket to.
requester_idnumberNo-The user who requested this ticket.
raw_subjectstringNo-The dynamic content placeholder, if present, or the 'subject' value, if not. See Dynamic Content Items.
descriptionstringNo-Read-only first comment on the ticket. When creating a ticket, use comment to set the description. See Description and first comment.
ticket_idnumberNo-Automatically assigned when the ticket is created.
recipientstringNo-The original recipient e-mail address of the ticket. Notification emails for the ticket are sent from this address.
requesterobjectNo-Write only. See Creating a ticket with a new requester.
via_followup_source_idnumberNo-POST requests only. The ID of a closed ticket when creating a follow-up ticket. See Creating a follow-up ticket.
attribute_value_idslist of numberNo-Write only. An array of the IDs of attribute values to be associated with the ticket.
submitter_idnumberNo-The user who submitted the ticket. The submitter always becomes the author of the first comment on the ticket.
tagslist of stringNo-The array of tags applied to this ticket.
typestringNo-The type of this ticket. Allowed values are 'problem', 'incident', 'question', or 'task'.
email_ccslist of objectNo-Write only. An array of objects that represent agent or end users email CCs to add or delete from the ticket. See Setting email CCs.
safe_updateboolNo-Write only. Optional boolean. When true and an update_stamp date is included, protects against ticket update collisions and returns a message to let you know if one occurs. See Protecting against ticket update collisions. A value of false has the same effect as true. Omit the property to force the updates to not be safe.
follower_idslist of numberNo-The IDs of agents currently following the ticket. See CCs and followers resources.
organization_idnumberNo-The organization of the requester. You can only specify the ID of an organization associated with the requester. See Organization Memberships.
allow_attachmentsboolNo-Permission for agents to add attachments to a comment. Defaults to true.
followup_idslist of numberNo-The IDs of the followups created from this ticket. IDs are only visible once the ticket is closed.
is_publicboolNo-Is true if any comments are public, false otherwise.
macro_idnumberNo-Write only. A macro ID to be recorded in the ticket audit.
voice_commentobjectNo-Write only. See Creating voicemail ticket.
external_idstringNo-An ID you can use to link Zendesk Support tickets to local records.
satisfaction_ratingobjectNo-The satisfaction rating of the ticket, if it exists, or the state of satisfaction, 'offered' or 'unoffered'. The value is null for plan types that don't support CSAT.
statusstringNo-The state of the ticket. If your account has activated custom ticket statuses, this is the ticket's status category. See custom ticket statuses. Allowed values are 'new', 'open', 'pending', 'hold', 'solved', or 'closed'.
prioritystringNo-The urgency with which the ticket should be addressed. Allowed values are 'urgent', 'high', 'normal', or 'low'.
brand_idnumberNo-Enterprise only. The ID of the brand this ticket is associated with.
created_atstringNo-When this record was created.
custom_status_idnumberNo-The custom ticket status ID of the ticket. See custom ticket statuses.
has_incidentsboolNo-Is true if a ticket is a problem type and has one or more incidents linked to it. Otherwise, the value is false.
metadatamap of dynamicNo-Write only. Metadata for the audit. In the audit object, the data is specified in the custom property of the metadata object. See Setting Metadata.
subjectstringNo-The value of the subject field for this ticket.
ticket_form_idnumberNo-Enterprise only. The ID of the ticket form to render for the ticket.
updated_atstringNo-When this record last got updated.
collaboratorslist of objectNo-POST requests only. Users to add as CC's when creating a ticket. See Setting Collaborators.
forum_topic_idnumberNo-The topic in the Zendesk Web portal this ticket originated from, if any. The Web portal is deprecated.
viaobjectNo-For more information, see the Via object reference.
collaborator_idslist of numberNo-The IDs of users currently CC'ed on the ticket.
due_atstringNo-If this is a ticket of type 'task', it has a due date. Due date format uses ISO 8601 format.
from_messaging_channelboolNo-If true, the ticket's via type is a messaging channel.
sharing_agreement_idslist of numberNo-The IDs of the sharing agreements used for this ticket.
via_idnumberNo-Write only. For more information, see the Via object reference.


ticketThe ticket that has been created.